Hello there!

I want to say thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.  It’s important to me that we connect.  I want you to gain a sense of who I am, as an individual, professional, but also artist.  As your potential photographer, we need to be a good fit for each other and form a partnership.  To do that, well, we need to get to know each other on a bit of a deeper level.

So here goes nothing!  My name is Kristy.  I am a Kansas-based, passionate portrait photographer.  I have a drive to discover beauty in the ordinary and to capture life as it happens.  I LOVE anything that is outdoors.  Be that hikes, running, or sitting on a bench at the local nature center with my son watching wind blow through wheat while waiting for the occasional deer that might happen by.  I am CRAZY about coffee, reading, writing, and deep conversations.  Winter is my friend as are huge cozy sweaters and an indoor roaring fire.  I’m introverted by nature so I strive to surround myself with amazing people who bring out the best in me.  With that said, I am only half of this photographic team.  My husband Michael makes up the M in MK Priceless.  He is my best friend, supporter of everything I do, and an amazing father.  I could not do what I do without him by my side.  I also could not be free to be who I am or do what I love without the help of God, who stole my heart years ago and continues to capture and grow it daily.

So what’s my style?  I tell stories, your story, through photographs.  I know all too well that your little boy will soon be replacing Thomas the tank engine for cars, football, and heaven forbid, a college dorm.  Your sweet little girl will one day outgrow her bows and trade them in for prom dresses and wedding gowns.  A proposal is just the beginning of a life-time of lived moments together and a wedding, well, it’s that special once-in-a-life-time day that you want to last forever.

I ADORE natural light.  I specialize in natural-light, on-location photography.  I seek out gorgeous north light that is found in big open windows, golden-hour sunlight, and fresh air.  When everything comes together just right, you’ll know it, believe me, you’ll just know.  I don’t hide my excitement well.  Ask any of my past clients and they will tell you that they know when I’ve captured that oh so perfect shot in that oh so perfect lighting.  Although natural light is my love, I am also experienced using off-camera and artificial lighting.  I love a good soft box and speed light when the occasion calls for it.

I will always be honest with you and to the point.  I want my clients to know what to expect and to know that I will do all I can to capture their special moments in ways that are unique to them.  I work hard, very hard, to bring out the details that define you in your photo shoot.  I seek to not only capture memories, but give you a memory through a great photographic experience.

Now it’s your turn!  Head over to my Contact page and let’s get to know one another!  I’m looking forward to your story and getting to know you!